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Hibachi's News

Posted by Hibachi - May 4th, 2021

Hey guys! What's been up? I am now free from my shackles of uni and I can draw finally! I have a few things planned for what I want to draw and some things planned for what I want to practice. Besides that, I want to say thank you so so so much for the support from my Pico Day design! That was my first Pico Day design ever and I wished I planned it out a bit further and did it a bit earlier because I believe I could've done better lol. However, seeing all the positive feedback and just straight up nice comments made my mfkin day and made me a happy fool. I've read ALL of your comments, so no worries. I just have a bad time responding be there are literally so many lmao. Seriously, I promise I read all of your support. Those from Twitter, I am seriously grateful to you for supporting my work from there too since I really wanted to get my footing in that platform. Honestly, Pico day was a blast just seeing everyone's artwork and the feeling of support given by NG community. Thank you guys so much :' ).

Also, I did read a bunch of comments asking for me to sell or make the design as a poster or as a shirt. Although I would like to, unfortunately, I can not do that. My reasoning is because this was a homage piece and I do not own any of the concepts, characters, logos, and properties on what is depicted in the design, even if it is fanart. I would like to respect the creators of what's depicted in the design and not sell the design in any regard without permission from all. I hope you understand and I apologize if that's a bummer. It would be sick as a poster though, I cannot lie about that lmao.

Anyways thank you so much guys for giving me a blast for the first Pico day I have ever had and seeing the hella awesome support from the community. You guys are sick! Newgrounds is cool af :D

Have a great summer, guys!


Posted by Hibachi - February 25th, 2021


THANK YOU TO THE 500+ PEOPLE FOR STICKING AROUND WITH MY ACCOUNT! That includes you too, whoever is reading this! It's not a whole lot compared to some and it is a whole lot when seen to many, but to me, this is definitely a milestone that I am entirely grateful for regardless. Although I have more followers on Instagram (eugh), this amount of people who follow me on Newgrounds makes me feel seriously appreciated when it comes to my work than other popular platforms. Even if I don't post that often, knowing that people enjoy my work motivates me and gives me more passion for art. This site is a haven for the art community whether it be for music, videogames, or animations, so seeing that at least one person is willing to like my work on this platform is an amazing feeling, and knowing that 500+ feel the same way is just fuckin' crazy! I would totally give you all guys smooches but I'd be wearing a mask and doing it like 6 feet away, so this thank you is the closest I can get lmao. For real though, thank you so much for following my work! Especially you, specifically you the person out of the 500+.

Well beyond loving you guys so much, what about me? Any updates? Well yes actually. So if you guys must know I am currently going to Uni full-time and so my ass is being handed to me from schoolwork and shit, so this year may be a slow year when it comes to making stuff. This isn't gonna stop me, as said in my earlier post I still have a shit ton of stuff in my sketchbook that I can finish off with and I do have other projects in mind. I tried compensating for this lack of time with the MINI series but I'm fuckin floundering with that too. Now how else do I make sure that people know I'm alive? Well that's why I'm just posting random shit whether it be doodles or actual wips on my titter because I need learn how to actually draw faster since I draw slow as hell. So please check it out sometime if you got the time. That's all I got to say for now.

So anyways, thank you guys for being patient with my work, and thank you again for being supportive! Have a good one!

tl;dr: Thank you for following my account *smooches* and check out my Twitter if you have the time since I wanna use it more often.


Posted by Hibachi - January 1st, 2021

Hey guys!! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!

I haven't made a blog post in what? A year? But with 2020 coming to an end, I felt like posting one now, even though I do not do this often. So for this blog post, I want to thank Newgrounds and you guys!!!

Ever since my last blog post at the end of 2019, I wasn't sure about actually posting on Newgrounds because I haven't been super active on the site. But after a few posts, I am so glad I did! Honestly, this site is the epitome of genuine content creations driven to make new fun, inspiring things!! Sure there are other platforms meant for artists like Artstation or Deviantart, but what they lack is a strong community. However, it doesn't even stop at artists on Newgrounds, it has extraordinary musicians, animators, voice actors, programmers, and developers! Sadly, although I'm not around on the site as much as I would like to, I seriously try my best to keep up with it. And I know I've been known to use Instagram to show off my work to build networking. But when it comes to just being a genuine artist just for artist's sake, then Newgrounds beats that platform by a landslide. This site inspires and motivates me more than Instagram has ever had when I've been on that platform the longest because Newgrounds provides a genuine experience of what it is like to be surrounded by creators who just want to create for the hell of it. I've just found so much enjoyment from all the content this site has placed, and with every creation, I always saw passion behind it and just honestly a fun time. I wish I've been more active on this site earlier to experience the community some more but with a new year coming around I sure want that to change. Anyway, I can keep talking about Newgrounds as long as possible, but I just wanna keep it short for you guys because I wanna thank you guys too!!

Thank you guys for supporting my work for this past year!! Honestly knowing that people love my work and what I do is one of the best feelings in the world! Even though I mainly do my art for myself, it still blows my mind that there are those who are willing to like it and even follow it too. It's an amazing experience I am entirely grateful for and seriously makes me happy. Actually, without you guys, I probably wouldn't have met other amazing artists out there since you help support and show my work to others. Seriously, I can not thank you enough for doing that and I seriously wish you the best.

I hope you guys have a happy new year!!!

Thank you, Newgrounds and you!!!



Posted by Hibachi - December 17th, 2019


Haven't been active for a while, but let's see how far I get when it comes to posting. Thank you!


Posted by Hibachi - December 9th, 2018

So I'm Hibachi and I thought I should just join this site to post my art, but I really hope you guys like my art. Also I've been idle for like a month but I am now posting my stuff for you all to see. I hope you enjoy my work! Thanks.