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/// 500 followers!!! (+ updates)

Posted by Hibachi - February 25th, 2021


THANK YOU TO THE 500+ PEOPLE FOR STICKING AROUND WITH MY ACCOUNT! That includes you too, whoever is reading this! It's not a whole lot compared to some and it is a whole lot when seen to many, but to me, this is definitely a milestone that I am entirely grateful for regardless. Although I have more followers on Instagram (eugh), this amount of people who follow me on Newgrounds makes me feel seriously appreciated when it comes to my work than other popular platforms. Even if I don't post that often, knowing that people enjoy my work motivates me and gives me more passion for art. This site is a haven for the art community whether it be for music, videogames, or animations, so seeing that at least one person is willing to like my work on this platform is an amazing feeling, and knowing that 500+ feel the same way is just fuckin' crazy! I would totally give you all guys smooches but I'd be wearing a mask and doing it like 6 feet away, so this thank you is the closest I can get lmao. For real though, thank you so much for following my work! Especially you, specifically you the person out of the 500+.

Well beyond loving you guys so much, what about me? Any updates? Well yes actually. So if you guys must know I am currently going to Uni full-time and so my ass is being handed to me from schoolwork and shit, so this year may be a slow year when it comes to making stuff. This isn't gonna stop me, as said in my earlier post I still have a shit ton of stuff in my sketchbook that I can finish off with and I do have other projects in mind. I tried compensating for this lack of time with the MINI series but I'm fuckin floundering with that too. Now how else do I make sure that people know I'm alive? Well that's why I'm just posting random shit whether it be doodles or actual wips on my titter because I need learn how to actually draw faster since I draw slow as hell. So please check it out sometime if you got the time. That's all I got to say for now.

So anyways, thank you guys for being patient with my work, and thank you again for being supportive! Have a good one!

tl;dr: Thank you for following my account *smooches* and check out my Twitter if you have the time since I wanna use it more often.



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